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[S1E17] Boyz Crazy

As Dipper and Stan unsuccessfully try to decode the alleged secret messages within Robbie's CD, Mabel, Candy, and Grenda come back--hiding the boy band in a large bag--and take them up to the attic. After a brief conversation, the members of Sev'ral Timez are forced to hide when Ergman arrives in search of them, interrogating Soos along the way. This causes Mabel to tell the boys that they aren't safe and that they have to stay with her, and Candy and Grenda warn Mabel not to get too attached to the boys. Ergman departs angrily, without noticing that Gompers has taken his license plate, leading to his arrest later, and the girls deduce that Sev'ral Timez must stay with where they are for the time being. While Candy and Grenda decide that they should not get too attached, Mabel goes crazy for them, and the three proceed to play with the boys and teach them how to function like normal human beings. Soon Mabel begins to become possessive of the group.

[S1E17] Boyz Crazy

After Sev'ral Timez performs a song to express their thanks to Mabel for caring for them, she comes to regret her actions and comes to her senses. She meets Candy and Grenda outside, apologizes for going crazy with the band and makes up with them. She then sends the boys off into the forest. Mabel begins to cry as they leave, with Candy expressing doubt that they are fit for life on their own. Having some soda, Dipper has a feeling that Wendy hates him for being a meddler, Stan then talks to Dipper, reassuring him that he was trying to do the right thing despite the catastrophic consequences and is sure Wendy will forgive him. Until then, he says that he is willing to spend time with Dipper in the meantime. Stan soon encounters Leggy P. rummaging through the trash and shoos him away, and the band comes to enjoy nature, despite not having a clue of how to function in it. 041b061a72


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