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[S6E5] Growth Opportunities

There are some major packers, distributors, and associations that are in place to support the maple industry, who are reaching out to markets in Asia and Europe, and are seeing exponential growth in these international markets, as well as other regions of the US.

[S6E5] Growth Opportunities

In most TV series, story plot episodes are often disliked and forgotten. Favored or no, they are necessary, as they set up the remaining episodes. There needs to be growth and enhancement for each character, and the story has to have meaning and make sense. It may not be action packed, but it adds crucial detail to develop the bigger picture.

While, Greg, Nick and Sara process the pot farm, Warrick finds evidence that the lock to the cellar door was shot. In the cellar, Greg notices that the intruders only took the dried marijuana and not the new growth; this would seem to rule out a territory war. Sara wonders if one of the customers just got greedy, and Warrick says that the price of an ounce of marijuana can be anywhere from $200 to $400. The team finds it odd that the McBrides would do this with two young kids in the house.

At the Lighthouse, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team struggles to cope with and even comprehend Keller's death. The bizarre structure of the crystals, the parasite that created them, and the knife that stopped their growth have Dr. Benson stumped. Benson tells the still-grieving Yo-Yo about how he made the decision to take off his husband's life support after he was in a terrible car accident, the most difficult decision he ever made but knows it was the right one. Yo-Yo recognizes Dr. Benson's description of the crystals are similar to the three monoliths - the one that opened a portal to another world, the one that sent the team to the future, and the other one that they never found out what it does before they were all destroyed. Benson thinks that if those monoliths controlled space and time, then these crystals and the dagger have powers over life and death.

So that means the White Walkers are a quasi-natural backlash to humanity's growth and expansion. Today, they have spun out of anyone's control and threaten the very foundations of human civilization. Yet humanity is ignoring the White Walker threat in favor of internal squabbling. 041b061a72


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