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Lingam Massage 2021

In the Tantric philosophy, the lingam (genital organ) is viewed with the utmost respect and affection, as it is believed to hold a significant amount of sexual energy. During a lingam massage,[3] pleasure is slowly and steadily increased, which may lead to a climax of multiple orgasms.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is not focused on the climax. Instead, ejaculation control is adhered to both by the giver and receiver. While in a sensual penis massage, the climax, the release, and the happy ending is the goal.

So set a calendar date so he can prepare and anticipate this intimate encounter. At least two hours is necessary for the whole experience. Make sure there are no stressful appointments before or after this neo-tantric massage.

The more you not only accept but revere the lingam, in all its states, the more your lover becomes more vulnerable and open. This then feeds back into the pleasure loop, creating ever-heightening sexual fulfillment.

Breath awareness is one of the key differences between a regular penis massage and a lingam massage. The breath adds a layer of intention beyond just pleasure and opens the wonder and divine energy that lingam massages evoke.

Massage the lingam as it lies on his stomach. Stroke one hand from the root of his lingam up to his heart and circling back down. Alternate hands as the receiver experience the lingam-heart connection.

Starting at the root of the penis, press the lingam with your thumbs and index fingers. Press, hold, and release, incrementally climbing up the lingam slowly with both hands. Repeat from the shaft again once you reach the tip. Remember to apply this pressure to other sides of the lingam also.

When you perform a lingam massage, whether on yourself or a partner, the goal is to observe and experience pleasure in a state that is almost meditative. Regular practice of tantric methods like lingam or yoni massage can help improve your libido, reduce your stress, and explore your sexuality in a healthy way.

In contrast to your typical hand job, a lingam massage uses more sophisticated techniques to massage the testicles, perineum, and prostate in addition to the penis. It is a tantric sex ritual that is focused on the penis.

When you are ready to continue, use mild stroking motions to massage the bottom of the penis shaft. For all forms of tantric massage, including lingam massage, technical expertise is crucial. Testicles should be the first location you massage, and you should be as gentle as you can.

Despite the fact that lingam massages are intended to be a sexual experience, there may be benefits beyond pure pleasure. Despite its sexual nature, tantric therapies like lingam massage aim to promote healing. According to Buddhist teachings, lingam massage can help the recipient align with their spiritual and sexual identities. It also helps assist in the healing of past trauma.

The goal of a lingam massage, whether administered to a partner or yourself, is to watch and appreciate pleasure in a state that is almost meditative. Lingam massage is a tantric massage therapy that mixes sensuality and spirituality to deliver an intensely sensuous experience. Regular use of tantric practices such as lingam or yoni massage can increase libido, reduce stress, and encourage healthy sexual exploration.

"Tantric massage is an erotic massage aiming for relaxing, arousal, and connection between two people while focusing on erogenous zones," says Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, MD, a professor of sex and relationship at California State University, Fullerton.

Tantric massage involves your erogenous zones and genitals, but the goal isn't to have an orgasm. It's possible to have an orgasm during the massage, but the focus is on giving and receiving pleasure from your partner.

Helps you break out of routines in your sex life: "If couples are feeling sexually stagnant, they should definitely try tantric massage and tantric sex," Suwinyattichaiporn says. When you focus on what feels good rather than just having an orgasm, you may discover new ways to please yourself and your partner.

Increases sexual mindfulness: Suwinyattichaiporn says. This is because tantric massage prompts you to pay conscious attention to your body sensations, emotions, and sexual pleasure during the massage. Studies show that being more sexually mindful is linked to greater satisfaction with your relationship and your sex life.

Improves your physical and emotional health: A small 2020 study looked at the benefits of partner massage, which includes some of the same techniques as tantric massage, but doesn't involve genital touching. The study found that after couples gave each other 15-minute massages, both the giver and the receiver had lower levels of stress and better mental clarity.

In another small study from 2020, pregnant women received 20-minute massages from their partners once per week for about 10 weeks. At the end of the study, the women had significantly lower levels of depression and anxiety symptoms, compared to their starting levels.

Frederick told me that Lingam is a Sanskrit term for the penis. It is therefore a penis massage, in and of itself. Erotic massages play a central role in the Indian teachings of Tantra. Tantric massage is intended to bring you closer to the goal of physical, mental and emotional unity.

You should not anticipate or try to ejaculate, but trust in the expertise of your masseuse and allow her practised touch to work its magic. In this way, you can experience the full benefits of the Lingam massage.

The experience begins with a full body massage so you can relax, unwind and surrender yourself to the touch of your tantric goddess, who will ensure your entire body is given plenty of attention before her efforts turn to the phallus.

As well as encouraging improved wellbeing, lingam massage can bring a number of sexual benefits too. It can prolong an erection, enhance sexual performance and help in the improvement of premature ejaculation.

Simply searching for a happy ending massage might get you any number of results, but all of them will merely reinforce your conditioned response to a sexual stimulus which is to become very goal-oriented.

It is a style of Tantric massage, with a primary focus on the Lingam. Tantric massage is much slower and more measured than other types of massage, including the crudely named but accurate rub-and-tug.

When she begins to massage your Lingam directly, you will find yourself on the edge of orgasm only to have your masseuse slow her movements and allow you to calm before gradually heightening your energy again.

The prostate gland is considered to be the master gland by Taoists and its health is of utmost importance. Prostate massage can be offered as a preventative treatment, including prostate cancer. Physical toxins (from chemicals in toiletries, for example) as well as emotional toxins and traumas accumulate here, causing blockages which can eventually lead to health problems.

The massage targets the biochemical and physical structure of the body and there can be clear and immediate benefits. The whole pelvic area can release significantly and become much more relaxed. It can also relax the whole body, improve digestion and may even help with a range of psychological disorders.

The third part of lingam massage is the tantric secret to full body orgasms. As the sexual energy builds up, the practitioner will help you to redirect the sexual energy up your body. It will rise up to your Heart, creating a palpable sensation, a warmth and tingling that connects your Heart with your sexual area. As the energy starts to flow up your body, it brings a tingling euphoric sensation up into the head.

A note of warning: Tantric healing massage can be deep work, and potentially trigger past trauma stored in the body. Check that the practitioner has trained with an established school, and look at their website so you can understand their outlook and philosophy, and read client testimonials. Talk to them in advance and ask questions about their approach and qualifications, including if they are trained in holding space for trauma.

I encourage all couples to learn this beautiful and sacred exchange. In eastern countries, as well as in some European countries, this massage is performed in setting similar to our massage therapist offices here in the US. Here is the US this type of massage normally is not allowed to be performed by a massage therapist. This does not mean that you as an individual or couple cannot learn this sacred technique to perform at home. I encourage you to do so; to open up to a more profound experience and connection with yourself and loved one.

Tantric meditation is also a discipline that you can practice with your partner. The tantric exercises are a fantastic way of strengthening your bond as a couple through the expressions of feelings and the interchange of sexual energy. The lingam massage is one of the lesser known tantric practices, yet it will bring you and your partner together in a flood of spiritual and sexual pleasure.

The tantric experience roots in the respect and caring both members of a couple feel for each other. You and your partner get to express your feelings and focus them on techniques that address your inner life force to enhance mutual pleasure. The lingam and yoni massages are examples of these techniques. The yoni massage focuses on the vulva and the vagina, while the lingam massage focuses the pleasure flow around the penis and its surrounding pleasure centers, the testicles, perineum, and the prostate.

Take your time before you start massaging their testicles. Gently play with them using various sensorial stimulation, caress them with your fingertips and nails, cup them, tug on them slightly. Let your hands wander down to their perineum, the area between the testicles and the anus, and massage it in different directions varying the amount of pressure.

When you think both of you are ready, you can get to the lingam. Use a water-based lubricant like GoLove to slide your fingers along, make eye contact with your partner, and praise them. Tell them how much you care for them and how good are they at receiving your attention. Carefully keep your partner focused in the mindful meditation and accompany them in performing bliss breaths, deep and slow breaths that you execute only through your nostrils, focusing on the experience you are sharing. 041b061a72


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