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And Just Like That 1x9

Two of these covered the rails for a table just under 6'x4' oval. I had raised rails about 5" wide and the width was perfect. I stapled it down before putting the vinyl over the top and the staples held much better than I expected at the edge of the foam.

and just like that 1x9

Download Zip:

This foam is great quality, but when covering a poker table rail this isn't the best product due to the seams. I sprayed and glued the seams as much as possible, but you can still feel the seams in the finished product. Thankfully this isn't much of an issue with my table as the seams are in locations that people will not be sitting all too often, due to the dimensions of the table. I would recommend getting a single sheet of foam and then cutting it off the rail after it has been glued.

I have a 1x9 that I really dislike and want to upgrade. I was told to get a "Shimano Deore FC-M625 Double 2x10 Speed MTB Bike Crankset 38/24T" to upgrade my 1x. I additionally caught a branch on a downed log and twisted my rear derailleur, so I bought new Shimano Alivio RD-MD3100-SGS due to the Acera being out of stock.

Greetings, FYA! I am writing to you from THE PAST, also known as MONDAY. Monday is a scary time because it generally means one must go back to work and spend time with people who are having their own awful Mondays and are therefore awful to be around and bad things always happen, like forgetting your phone at home or waking up late or realizing that the mixed greens you purchased YESTERDAY from the grocery store expire today and they're already going all limp and soggy, ugh. I mean, that's just what happened on my own Monday. Your mileage may vary.

Here is what I did on Monday night to postpone having to watch this show: laundry, an interpretive dance about my soggy salad, entitled "Why Have My Greens Wilted?", cat litterbox scouring, sent several emails regarding the worrying "sister-loving" theme that seems to be pervading this season of Dexter, checked Facebook seven times, watched a Youtube video in which the new iPhone 4S personal assistant app is taken over by the crazy robot on Portal, which is a reference I understand because I date a nerd, and watched the first half of Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Keeping Up With The Kardashians Special. Part One, mind. The other half's still recorded and waiting for me.

After all the previouslies, it's time for the show. Rich Twin has been sprung from Juvie! Her friend Lexi is here to pick her up. WAIT. WHAT. !!!!!! Um, Megan's recap DID NOT MENTION that Becky was on this show. Probably because Megan's only on season one of Friday Night Lights so far. BEEEEECCCKKKKEEEEEYYYY. A lot of people hate Becky, but I don't. She just realizes that the best place to be in Dillon, TX is in Tim Riggins' pants. SHE IS VERY SMART.

Anyway, Rich Twin wants to get back to Cali, because she's living in a Phantom Planet or Snoop Dogg song, and Becky (whose name on this show is not Becky but, whatever, FNL is the trump card under which all lesser tv shows must lay; therefore, she is Becky forevermore) tells Rich Twin that obvs she's crashing with Becky. Oooh! Will it be in a silver Airstream? Those are pretty hip these days, actually.

Meanwhile, at Mercer House, Poor Twin is apologizing to Ethan for drunkenly propositioning him at the party. Then she accidentally spills the beans that she has never had the P in her V. I bet the girls on this show are the type to have elbow sex in order to remain pure. I can totally see that happening.

Poor Twin, by the way, is wearing dress shorts. With high heels. If you looked far and wide, to every Express catalog in the land, you could not find a clothing combination more abhorrent to me than dress shorts and heels. First of all: dress shorts. SHOULD NEVER EXIST. Second: if you are wearing shorts, it's because you are just chilling out. Why would you chill out in four inch heels? Are you a Kardashian, Poor Twin? If so, where's Lamar? He's my favorite.

Poor Twin and Ethan walk in on Concerned Mercer Parents arguing about The Birth Mother. Concerned Mercer Mom wants to tell Sutton things! Concerned Mercer Dad panics and calls Nathan Petrelli, who tells him that Sutton can never know the truth about Annie! Poor Twin overhears all of this. These people are SO BAD at lying. So bad! This show should be renamed the "Sweating Bullets Because We've Been Outwitted By a Sixteen Year Old And Her Dumb Friends" Game. Jesus, Concerned Mercer Dad. You're a plastic surgeon! You make a living lying to people about their perceived flaws so that they'll sign up for face lifts and then lying to them again afterwards that they look totally natural! YOU SHOULD BE BETTER AT THIS.

Weird, creepy credits! I finally got interested enough to google this song - ugh. OF COURSE it's from Butterfly Boucher. Butterfly Boucher was the nemesis of my 2004 Calendar Year of Indie Conquests. She's, like, the ultimate cockblocker, in that anytime in 2004 I thought I might get lucky with some scruffy unwashed indie kid, they'd start talking about Butterfly Boucher and I'd have to rapidly excuse myself from the conversation before vomiting overtly. Do you know how much action I didn't see in 2004? A LOT.

Oh, look, it's the Club that all the teenagers hang out at because it's such a typical place for sixteen year olds to be. Sometimes I think the people that write this show read too many Sweet Valley High books. Real teens do not behave this way! Poor Twin runs into Thayer, who is all dressed up for his swanky dinner with Nathan Petrelli. There will be venture capitalists there! Oh, goody? Nathan Petrelli saunters up and gives Poor Twin the stinkeye. Then he gets a call from Dr Evil saying that Annie Hobbes has escaped!

Back at Becky's, guess who's here to see Rich Twin?! Foster Mom! She looks like I probably smell after a few bottles of wine. Foster Mom is pissed off, because Poor Twin's escape meant that Foster Mom lost her foster license. Really? You lose your foster license anytime a foster kid runs away? Cause, uh, I can't think that's true. Anyway, Rich Twin totally puts Foster Mom in her place. Might Rich Twin now understand what life is like for Poor Twin? Maybe! Might I care? Not likely.

At the Super Fancy Dinner at the Club, Thayer is explaining his dumb app thing to the venture capitalist. Madison is wearing a skin-tight animal-print mini dress, as is befitting a family dinner. Anyway, I guess the venture capitalist is impressed. I got an app that lets me update my Google Docs from my phone so that now I can be plugged into the FYA Book Club Schedule all the time. It was the highlight of my week, purchasing that app. Rest in peace, Steve.

Also, Char and Derek the Laptop Stealer come in. Because I give such shit to everyone for wearing such crappy clothes on this show, I will take this time to say that, from what I can tell so far, Char's dress is lovely. I may revise this position later on, after more opportunity to study. I tried to find a photo of it for you, but of course normal, rational clothes that a human person might actually consider wearing never make it on ABC Family's Style Story.

During the dinner with the venture capitalist, Poor Twin would like Nathan Petrelli to give her his Lawyerly position about how he knows when people are lying. Isn't there that whole show about finding out when people lie? Is that show still on? Can't you just watch this? Poor Twin puts Nathan Petrelli in his place by intimating that she's on to him.

Nathan Petrelli gets so annoyed with Poor Twin that he gets up andtells Derek to break up with Char. Derek seems sad about this, because of course he's really fallen for Char in the 10 days they've been dating. I can't say anything. I've been dating that new Starbucks drink, the Salted Caramel Mocha Frap, for about ten days. It's very serious, guys. I'd marry it but I know it'd just drift out of my life as soon as spring came around.

Mercer House. Laurel's packing up for school when Concerned Mercer Mom comes in to show her the condom that fell out of Laurel's jeans. Concerned Mercer Mom is being SUPER CALM about this entire thing. I consider myself fairly sex-positive, but if my sixteen year old starts accidentally leaving condoms around that I find when doing the wash, I'm going to go APOPLECTIC. Because, SERIOULY? If you're old enough to have sex, you're old enough to do your own goddamn laundry. Christ! Kids today!

Anyway, Laurel stomps off rather than having any sort of rational, mature conversation which might convince her mother that she's old enough to handle the oft-crazy shizz that goes hand in hand with sexual relationships.

It's Rich Twin's first day at Poor Twin's school! Becky gives Rich Twin a lunch. Becky is way too nice a friend, which is weird, since she didn't really have that many friends in Dillon. Some weird dudebro comes up and invites Rich Twin to his finger flourish Casino Night party. Ugh.

Downstairs, Concerned Mercer Mom imparts the news to Concerned Mercer Dad about the fact that Justin's P has gone in Laurel's V, possibly unsafely, considering Laurel's carrying around condoms inthe pocket of her jeans, where presumbaly they are chafing and wearing thin. And then . . . oh, man. And then Poor Twin comes downstairs wearing A PAIR OF HIGH WAISTED PLEATED WHITE LINEN PANTS. WHAT? WHAT? WHY? HOW? WHO? I CAN'T. VERBS. HARD TO FORM. DYING. DYING FROM LAUGHTER.

Char's house. She gets a phone call! FROM ANNIE, aka BIRTH MOM! WHO IS HER AUNT. Her aunt? Really? I must have missed that in the recaps. And then Char's mom rips the phone out of her hand and tells her never to talk to Annie agian!

At the Trailer of Tears, Poor Twin is telling Ethan that she has to find out the truth! Don't we talk about this EVERY WEEK, children? And then Ethan hits on her, even though she's wearing those pants.

Okay, sure, it's unlikely to advance the cause of feminism any further, but, you know, trying to further the cause in seedy casinos on reservations? That's just pissing upwind. Plus you can buy a lot of shoes for 300 dollars! 041b061a72


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