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A Back to College Snow Watch

It's winter on the east coast while college students return to campus. As parents, we keep checking the weather and the college website to understand the return to campus strategy. Most college students have been off since the third week in December. It's time to pack up and get books to prepare for the new semester.

We have lots of plates spinning in the James family home as we identify the next best thing to do as we manage our busy lives. This snow sounds like it will be severe, so we decide to stop everything and leave now to take our college sophomore back to campus early.

We quickly pack up the RV that we call Beach Blazer with lunch, dinner, snacks, plus all the back-to-college gear for our almost 3-hour ride one way to our daughter's college.

We're grateful that we can relax, watch a movie or cook a meal while making a 6-hour round trip drive in a day. By the time we include the college check-in procedure and a trip to the local grocery to repack the college apartment refrigerator, it's nothing short of an 8 hour day!

How much snow will everyone get, and will the backup generator keep the power on the campus going are the pressing concerns?

Meanwhile, we give our hugs and say our goodbyes as we head back home with the hopes of better weather for Spring Break. Do you worry, pray, or both?

If you are going to pray, don't worry. If you are going worry, don't pray.


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