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Here We Go Again: Galaxy Fold Display Damaged After One Day Of Use

I woke up one morning in my hotel room and then opened up the Z Fold 3. At first, I noticed a very light white line smack dab in the middle of the folded area running from top to bottom on the display. I turned the phone off and on a couple of times to check if a stuck pixel or something was causing this, but it did not go away. I then noticed two small black spots on either side of this white line down near the bottom of the center of the display. There was no physical damage or anything on the display.

Here we go again: Galaxy Fold display damaged after one day of use

A few times while I was using the Z Fold 3, the display became unresponsive to my swipes and taps. Turning the phone off and then on again seemed to resolve the touch failures, but clearly, there was a problem here that I could not live with, and it was also clearly some kind of manufacturing defect since the phone was never dropped or damaged.

The Galaxy Fold's launch event kicked off in February 2019, with all the usual Samsung pomp and circumstance. Once the phone hit the hands of early reviewers in April, though, signs appeared that something was very wrong. Of the limited amount of Folds sent out to the press, two broke within the first few days after regular usage. In one case, the display pixels just started dying along the crease in the display. In the other case, debris worked its way inside the sizable gaps in the phone hinge, landed under the display, and damaged it from behind. Several other reviewers also accidentally damaged their Fold review units by peeling a protective layer off the top of the display, which, thanks to exposed edges, just seemed like a screen protector used for shipping. With so many problems present in the initial shipment of Galaxy Folds, Samsung doesn't seem like it spent enough time to properly test the device.

Samsung Care Plus with Theft and Loss is the most comprehensive coverage plan that the company offers. It will cover accidental damage, it will offer same-day display replacements, presuming there is an authorized service center near you. If not, your damaged handset can be sent to a repair center, and the turnaround time can be as quick as the next business day after it is received. The plan will also cover theft and loss, and if it occurs, there will be a deductible. You can see the chart above for more details, which gives you a breakdown of all the monthly fees and charges that may apply depending on your service needs. Now, don't be fooled and pay attention to the tiers on top, as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are classified as Tier 4 products.

Both screens are high-quality, as you'd expect from any device costing this much, and they're both legible outdoors on sunny days, but don't expect too much here. Neither of these competes with the panel in a Galaxy S22 Ultra, for example, but the cover display does hold its own against anything that isn't a current-gen flagship device, which is impressive. The internal, foldable screen trails it somewhat in brightness, which is to be expected since, you know, it folds! It is even usable outdoors if you don't let the sun shine directly onto it. Brightness is not an area we'd say the Fold3 struggles in, for sure.

And why would you want to put up with the cover display's imperfections, you ask? Well, because the same phone also gives you a large folding screen that is still quite a sight to behold even today, years after the first Fold came out. The magic of unfolding the phone to reveal that inner screen still can't be overstated, and as we mentioned above, the quality of the folding panel is very high.

That said, it's not all roses. First off, while there is a layer of ultra-thin glass in the display assembly, what you're actually touching day after day is a layer of plastic on top of that (don't take it off though - that will ruin the display!). And while this one is nowhere near as cheap feeling and smudge-prone as the one in the Flip3, it's still not great either - at least not compared to real glass, even glass from a glass screen protector. This is still one of the inevitable tradeoffs when going the foldable route, but we think there's room for improvement here with future Samsung foldables. After all, the Oppo Find N has a top plastic layer that feels slightly better to the touch, so it can be done.

Ok everyone listen up! DO NOT send your phone in with a cracked back glass. I really hope this message reaches people. This is a scam that Tmobile is running. They make it very vague on whether it's ok to send it in with cracked back glass and they say that only the lcd screen is what's important. Well I was just denied my $800 promotional trade in after thinking it was good because I already received 2 monthly bill credits. They want you to send it in that way so you buy the new phone, they give you a couple monthly credits so you think everything is all good. Then they take it away and you end up having to pay full price for the new phone. I told them I wanted my old phone back and to take this 256g galaxy s21 ultra $1400 phone back which was impossible. You can't get your old phone back at this point. Such an obvious scam because they know that just about everyone has at least 1 crack in that back glass. It cracks very easily. Its just a way to get you to buy a new expensive phone and also you are giving them your old phone for free which they will just quickly refurbished and resell. You can order this back glass on Amazon for like $15 and replace it yourself. There are videos showing exactly how to do it. I was about to do this but decided I didn't have to because the back glass isn't part of their 4 point inspection which is just what they want you to think. They guy on the phone was trying to tell me the back glass is the display. I was like how is it the display? It doesn't display anything and it's a separate piece of glass! They ended up giving me a $300 credit after a long hold which I'm sure is what they are taught to do. The long hold makes you think they are talking to supervisors and managers but really they are just sitting in their chair playing candy crush or something. So if you're in this situation, make sure to at least get your $300 credit. I hate big companies and their scam tactics so much. They think they have everyone fooled. Please share this message I'm very upset about this and I would like to get the word out on this. It's pathetic.

my samsung galaxy tab a is turned of while i am watching youtube video and wont turn on again after while it starts to vibrate and there was smoke i cant see it but i can smell it and i unplugg the battrey source when ever i plugg it again it vibrate and smoke plz help i hope threre will be any solution

Two screens to love, two screens to breakSamsung's foldable Galaxy Fold is a remarkable piece of engineering. Despite early signs that its tablet display is prone to breaking, there's a lot to like about Samsung's first foldable.


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