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Isaac White
Isaac White

Fallout 4 Recharger Rifle Mod

A recreation of the recharger rifle from the fallout franchise. Though this weapon was pretty crappy I really thought it was a unique looking weapon and I liked the concept of the weapon. This particular model was based off the great concept from Troy Pearson ( ) which is considerably a better looking weapon compared to the old one found In the game.

Fallout 4 Recharger Rifle Mod

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This list will show players some of the must-collect energy weapons in the game and help them decide on which ones they should use in battle. From sonic emitters to gauss rifles, here are the most powerful energy weapons in Fallout New Vegas.

The Alpha's special ability is that it's fully automatic, which is a strong combination when combined with the limitless ammo of the recharger weapons. You can acquire the Alpha by purchasing it from Cliff in Novac.

The Holorifle was added into the game with the Dead Money DLC. It's given to you after your weapons are confiscated. One would expect it to be terrible, but it's quite the opposite. With all of its mods, this weapon can match the Anti-Material Rifle's damage output.

The Holorifle quickly became a fan-favorite energy weapon because of its interesting origin surrounding Father Elijah and its high damage output. Any enemy that's remotely near you will disintegrate in one or two shots.


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