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Where Can I Buy A Tivo

The AirTV 2 has its pluses, especially as it's the cheapest of our OTA DVR recommendations and it works without incurring a monthly charge. Yet this OTA DVR is really designed to complement a $40-a-month Sling TV subscription by adding local channels. And you need to add an external hard drive (not included) to make the AirTV 2 function as a true DVR, though it lacks live TV pause. If you want pause functionality it's worth upgrading to the AirTV Anywhere which includes an onboard 1TB hard drive for $200.

where can i buy a tivo

As part of the agreement, TiVo DVRs will be sold at thousands of Blockbuster stores nationwide as well as online at, giving both companies new distribution outlets and putting TiVo DVRs and the Blockbuster OnDemand service front and center where video shopping takes place.

The Series2 DT will be available in an 80-hour model priced at $99.99 after rebate and service activation and can be found at retailers including Circuit City, Best Buy and, and online at

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