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How to Get Fallout Shelter Mod Apk 1.14.19 with Unlimited Money and Lunch Boxes

The gameplay of Fallout shelter starts when you are in charge of an underground vault. You have to make customizations to it and make it even better for the people living in it. The more vaults you make, the more you grow in the game with more people living in them.

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Build a public safety shelter where you and your allies can protect themselves from opponents. Make sure all the basic needs and facilities like health, agriculture and industry are set up there. Provide with all of them and make people love their stay in it.

It can be said that this game is also a strategy game. Of course, it depends on the people and their arrangement. If you want to be comfortable in the game in terms of food, you have to choose more capable people than the rest. You have to use them in the kitchen or choose people who have a lot more intelligence than others to have the necessary medicines. If you can have more shelters and keep more people to survive, you will get to the next steps faster. . For example, build different rooms and factories. One of the items in this game is to have a magic box that you can get these boxes by performing various missions in the game and get those boxes by paying real money. Of course, in case of a hacked version of the game, you will get unlimited money, and you can easily buy a box. Inside this magic box are four cards, each with an item to play with. The card may add 100 credits to you and include weapons, clothing, or even a survivor with good abilities.

Create the perfect refuge : build a superior underground morning, navigate a wide variety of current rooms with which to change over a well under a large portion of a kilometer of strong jolt in the ideal case of life in a shelter.

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The gameplay of Fallout Shelter is based on a post-apocalyptic world, where you have to build a bunker shelter (called Vault) for everyone to avoid the nuclear bomb. Now enjoyment is not essential here, because here everything is left are life and death.

After the shelter is entirely ready, people will gradually move to your bunker. Now in this shelter, you are the boss or commander of this base, and you have to lead your people to build and expand more shelters, including looking for Food, Water, and electricity to sustain life.

The game takes place in a parallel Earth in which the on-going nuclear wars have torn out the very surfaces of the Earth. Nothing was able to survive the harsh condition so people start building underground shelters. Hence, human start to live under the protection of their solid underground bases.

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Download Fallout Shelter Mod APK Unlimited lunch box for Android latest version that simulates underground world construction. you will own one of the best shelter building games of all time!

Not merely building a small cellar for you to hide, coming to Fallout Shelter Mod APK you also bring many people wandering on the street. The player must build a shelter to become a strong base against enemies who want to attack you. As more and more members join the shelter, it will become an underground city. You have to build a base with many rooms such as study room, practice room, bedroom, living room... so that everyone can live in it to the fullest extent.

In the game Fallout Shelter Mod APK, you are the owner of that shelter. Many people will join and take shelter in your bunker. Each player has their own skills and strengths, and players rely on that character's stats: Strength, Charisma, Intelligence, Perception, Endurance, Agility, and Luck.


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