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West Ashley South Carolina Zip Code

South Carolina Highway 65 (SC 65) was a state highway that existed in the southeastern part of Bamberg County, the northern part of Colleton County, and the southern part of Dorchester County. It was established in 1929 from U.S. Route 78 (US 78; now Farrells Road) in Farrells Crossroads to SC 64 southeast of Givhans. It was also proposed to continue to the southeast to meet SC 61 (now SC 165 Connector). In 1932, the proposed portion was shifted to the northeast, to follow SC 64 across the Ashley River and then southeast to meet SC 61 (now SC 165 south of Summerville. In 1933, the highway was extended northwest and north-northwest, following US 78 until they met the U.S. Highway's new routing west-southwest of Branchville. Also, its proposed path near Summerville was completed. In December 1950, it was rerouted onto its 1929 path, replacing SC 650 to end at SC 61 (now SC 165 Conn.) in Cooks Crossroads. The portion of the former path not concurrent with SC 64 was redesignated as SC 642. In 1952, SC 65 was redesignated as SC 61.

West Ashley South Carolina Zip Code

South Carolina Highway 61 Connector (SC 61 Conn.) is a connecting route south-southwest of Summerville and is in the southeastern part of Dorchester County. This highway serves to connect SC 61 and SC 165. It is known as Cook's Cross Road and is an unsigned highway.

It begins at an intersection with the SC 61 mainline (Ashley River Road) just southeast of Cooks Crossroads, which is the intersection of SC 61 and SC 165. It travels to the north and curves to the northwest. After a curve to the north-northwest, it curves back to the northwest and reaches its northern terminus, an intersection with SC 165.


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