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Where To Buy Colored Jeans

Our unique wash techniques, body-hugging fit and great quality of denim combine to create jeans that are both trendy and comfortable. With a passion for denim, we thrive on creativity with an understanding of the importance of craftsmanship. We're sure you'll feel the love we pour into every pair of Judy Blue Jeans!

where to buy colored jeans

One of my favorite ways to wear natural colored denim or even white denim is with other soft toned neutrals. You could go even lighter and softer, but for this first look I opted for a heathered taupe cashmere sweater and soft taupe colored booties.

I added another little layer by simply draping a grey sweater over my shoulders. I think this is one of those style hacks that we often forget about, but it can be so effective. I have dark grey boots, but I felt like they would be too dark and grab too much attention. So I opted for my sand colored hiking boots to complete the outfit.

Of course camel is a natural pairing for natural colored denim. If you enjoy wearing camel, this looks for you. And me! The key to wearing camel really is in finding pieces that reflect your skin tone well. Look for camel in warm, cool and more neutral tones, depending on your own coloring.

I also think you have to play around a little with which colors look best with natural color jeans. I find that they pair a little differently than white jeans. Put on a color, stand in front of a mirror and snap a photo. Then look at the photo to see what you think. It really does give you a better look at the combination than just looking in the mirror.

For this monochromatic look I paired the perfect vintage wide leg jeans with my oatmeal colored cashmere sweater (similar more economical). Again I gave the fairly boxy sweater a gentle front tuck and added a belt. I think this may actually be my favorite look with natural colored jeans. Which do you like best?

Shake up your current style with our collection of must-have jeans for women. Whether you want to try skinny, mom, or flare jeans on for size, we have all the staples covered. You can choose from ladies' jeans in a range of light and dark washes, or opt for ragged or dressy options that look great everywhere from the office to the bar. Shop online for classic cuts or the latest trendy fits.

This is the perfect sweater to throw on with jeans (regular or a color) for a chilly summer night at the beach (or a chilly spring day like today!) It would also be cute with shorts or a casual skirt.

I realize some of you are getting warmer weather and may not be wearing spring sweaters at this point, but for those of you still getting snow and mucky weather, pairing pastel colored jeans with a white sweater is a great way to inject some springtime in your wardrobe while still being weather-appropriate.

Hi Jolyn!I love this fresh look! I am not to wear something hooded, but I like the white sweater with the pretty pink jeans! I say in or out, they are still cute! Love your bag too!Id love if you came to link up at my Turning Heads Tuesday linkup! The more the merrier ?jess xx

Jo-lynne this is utterly one of the best spring outfits. I liked this pink jeans especially the cropped part. Also I liked your frizz look of your hair. Those frizzy edges of your hair gave you a chic attitude. Well and the sneakers with no socks really compliments looks of this time of year. Keep it up.

The colored jeans trend is bigger than ever this year, and that goes for all ages. If your tween daughter (age 11 to 13) is anxious to get in on this look, she can, but the rules are a little different for young ladies than for adults.

Trendalytics identified purple as the top color for jeans, accounting for 42 percent of colored denim searches, followed by green and pink at 15 percent, red at 14 percent, yellow at 6 percent and orange at 5 percent.

If you're looking for a way to incorporate more color into your wardrobe, colored jeans are a great way to do it. Jeans are versatile, can be mixed and matched into different looks, and dressed up or down. And now that you can buy them in almost any color, the possibilities are nearly endless.

You know a trend has hit cosmic status when celebrities start embracing it. And when Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, appeared at an impromptu field hockey game in a pair of coral-colored jeans, sales went through the roof.

After a lifetime of regular blue denim washes, though, the thought of colored jeans can be daunting. Don't be intimidated. You won't look like a glow stick or a piece of candy. You just need to know the do's and the don'ts of the trend.

Some popular colors for jeans are coral, different shades of blues, mustard, orange, purple and green. See if any of these work for you! Sometimes all you'll need to pair with your new jeans is a plain white tee.

In any event, we ALL have some issue with it and sometimes the best thing is to cover up the junk in the trunk and call it a day. Pair a hiney-hiding high-low top like the one above with colored pants and voila! Butt-be-gone.

Vinegar will help seal the dye within the fabric of dark denim jeans, reducing the chance that your jeans will continue to bleed (and potentially stain other fabrics) when you wear or wash them in the future.

Women's jeans are the foundation of any great wardrobe. Whether your look is edgy, casual, sophisticated or retro, JCPenney has the style and fit for you. The choices of how to wear women's jeans are limitless. Top off a pair of bootcut jeans with a cozy, fall flannel and add a pair of beloved boots for the classic outdoor look. Slip into the latest slim-fitting skinny jeans and add a smart blazer for women with sparkly accessories for a fun night on the town. Why not pick a pair of boyfriend jeans and add a crisp, white Tee with sneakers for an afternoon at the park. Whatever your look, JCPenney has an affordable, modern option for every woman.

What woman doesn't need to add a comfortable pair of casual-chic boyfriend jeans to her collection? With this breezy, slouchy style, versatility is key. Pair boyfriend jeans with a ribbed turtleneck and ankle boots for a contemporary look. Or pair them with a t-shirt and canvas sneakers for a traditional, retro vibe. As the weather turns crisp, you may want to add a long, chunky sweater and layer necklaces for a cool, bohemian vibe. Boyfriend jeans are one of the most versatile styles that offer comfort while making a statement that you don't take yourself too seriously.

High waisted jeans are the ultimate in classic styling and can be worn by nearly all body types. The high waist extends the look of a woman's leg and highlights a longer, sleeker appearance to the wearer. The higher waistline also provides a slimming effect and can be worn with a cute, flowy blouse for a feminine touch. Or, cover your high waisted look with an army-style women's jacket for a great outdoor look. Add a long, wide-weave sweater to add interest and texture to your outfit. For a more traditional look, pair your high waisted jeans with a fresh, colorful t-shirt. To rock a 70's vibe wear a ribbed, long-sleeved turtleneck. The combinations are endless with classic high waisted jeans and JCPenney offers options for every woman to own this look.

Skinny jeans may imply they're only for one body type, but skinny jeans are designed to be the go-to look for any woman's figure. This curve-hugging style is available in all different rises and with several fits through the legs. JCPenney offers comfortable, stretch denim styles and super-skinny fits in affordable options. Pair skinny jeans with a cool bomber jacket or a bulky women's sweater for autumn's cool days. For a more upscale look, grab a new blazer in your favorite color and pair with statement ankle boots. Whatever your skinny jeans look, JCPenney has you covered.

Bootcut jeans are a classic style with a slight flare at the knee. They were originally created to fit over a boot, but bootcut jeans have evolved to give a woman that long, lean look she wants to attain every day from her favorite pair of jeans. Bootcut jeans come in a variety of fits and washes and can easily be dressed up for the office. Pair your bootcut jeans with an oversized cardigan and a scarf to announce that you're ready to take on the world. Add a classic navy blazer and slip on a pair of pumps for that smart, sophisticated business look. If the horse corral is more your scene, couple your bootcut jeans with your favorite cowgirl boots and hit the rodeo scene. Wherever you wear bootcut jeans, JCPenney has the right option for you.

Here at Cato Fashions, we believe every woman should be able to dress with confidence knowing that she looks her best in every style. We offer standard length and petite jeans in sizes 2-16 in this collection. We also provide gorgeous standard and petite jeans in our plus size range, in sizes 16-28W.

With all the latest fashion jeans and classic jeans available at Cato Fashions, in a wide variety of colors and styles, we are proud to provide women with clothes that will be loved forever. Why not complete the whole outfit and pair our denim jeans for women with a beautiful Cato top or sweater? Shop our range of denim online at Cato Fashions today.

Jeans require special attention, even after the first use. If you want to enjoy your denim favorites for years to come, then the key to long life is in the laundry. If you want to know how to wash jeans without fading, follow these steps and keep your jeans looking as good as new.

A detergent like Studio by Tide Darks & Colors helps improve the quality of your jeans by trimming down stray fibers, and protects them from discoloration, pilling, and fading. Make sure to only wash your jeans with other deep-colored clothing.

Follow the drying instructions on the fabric care label. In general, your jeans will last longer if you take them out of the dryer slightly damp. Smooth them into shape and let them dry on a flat surface or a hanger.

Tip: If you have a dark pair of jeans in your laundry pile, wash it in cold water and with other dark colors to prevent the denim from fading.If you want to learn how to remove stains from your denim most effectively, check out our comprehensive stain removal guide. 041b061a72


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