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My weight journey and ah-ha moment began when I tried on my wet suit. I was looking forward to a fun spring filled with trips to Taylor’s Beach to kayak and enjoy the Chesapeake Bay. I tried on my wetsuit, the reality that my 228 pounds and the super-tight 2X wetsuit were not apart of my vision.

There comes a sudden change in your life when you are met with a situation that takes you from thinking, it’s not so bad to wait a minute...this is crazy! That’s where I was on Sunday, February 24, 2019, at midnight. I had just flown back into town from an incredible retreat, and I was juiced up to know that my wetsuit had arrived in the mail. I had to ask myself the question, what was I going to do about the wet suit not fitting? So I got in bed that night and realized that I really needed to make some changes.

This is a journal entry from a year and a half ago, and now I fast forward to life in the pandemic where my weight has increased. I could blame it on COVID, but the choice not to move is my own. The food that I ate was my decision. As moms, we get so busy with life. My new motto is ~ My weight and my health is my responsibility.

Join me on this physical health journey to track the numbers and release the shame. I’m out of my comfort zone on a topic that I have struggled with for years. After 7 pregnancies of stepping on the scale for important weight gain for a healthy baby, it’s time to turn the page to write a new story. A wise mentor once shared with me that you can't fix what you refuse to acknowledge. I just purchased a new Fitbit, and tracking my fitness life begins.

It’s my passion to live joyfully and fearlessly. I want you to join me. What fear do you need to release, and what numbers do you need to track?

Let’s do this together, and let’s start NOW!


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