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Homeschool Dads Make a Difference

When we started homeschooling decades ago, my husband had one important question. After coming from spending thousands of dollars on private education, his question was - Is homeschooling legal?

Our family went from four daily trips back and forth to school with drop-off, pick-up, and half-day preschool with our three school-aged kids to quality family time while enjoying individualized education with our children.

We learned the homeschool law in our state and connected with successful homeschoolers along our journey. As we fast forward to almost 15 years later, the countless life lessons, family time, and educational experiences have fueled our passion for homeschooling.

My husband, Lorenzo, went from Dad to Homeschool Dad. Homeschooling opened up many opportunities for the kids to learn things that piqued their interest while building a relationship with their dad.

Lorenzo supports our homeschool cooperative educational program by coming in early before heading to work to teach classes like photography, basketball, and woodworking. Just having him around at the co-op encourages other men to step up to support our cooperative educational program too.

You can find the James family homeschooling in various settings to inspire learning. We love cooperative education, classical education, outdoor schooling, and also the beauty of learning while relaxing on the couch.

Whether you are a Homeschool Dad who is the principal of your homeschool or the primary home educator, there are many unique ways you can participate in your family's homeschool. Don't forget about the opportunity to participate in field trips and weekend homeschooling. Homeschool Dad's can take their passion and share it with their kids. Whatever you enjoy, your kids will love it too!

Here's a list of things Homeschool Dad's can do:








video games





the list can go on and on...

All of these activities can provide educational opportunities with a lifetime of memories.

Lorenzo is expanding his reach to students by taking his love for law enforcement to the classroom by offering a Healthy Choices education class to youth. After 30 years in major narcotics, he is sharing his passion to help students avoid the pit falls of substance-abuse and learn the facts about healthy choices.


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