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Homeschooling After A Holiday Break

Does homeschooling after the holiday break feel like you are starting your homeschool year from scratch? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone.

Hopefully, you took time off during the holiday to enjoy your family and to take a break from your normal homeschool schedule. Kids need time to relax and enjoy their lives just like adults do.

Now that the holiday is over, how do you get back to the homeschool plan you had in place at the beginning of the school year? Here are my steps. I hope you can use at least one of them.

Ease into your workload

Give your homeschooler time to get back adjusted to your school schedule. You want to foster a love of learning and make the educational experience enjoyable.

Create a gratitude journal and vision board

Helping kids find the silver lining to everything that happened in their lives during 2020 is good for the emotions. The activity of putting together a 2021 vision board will help kids be hopeful about the future.

Use games to teach and help keep kids engaged

Games make learning fun. What games can you play to teach math and history? Be creative and allow your homeschooler to select the fun.

Connect with your homeschool community

Connect with the homeschool friends who are apart of your community. They may be experiencing similar after-holiday challenges, and it’s nice to connect with like-mind individuals.

Don’t be afraid to use technology like movies, videos, or apps

Technology can be an educational break for the kids and a physical break for mom. Be intentional and strategic in what you use so that it will highlight the lesson of the day.

Include great meals with your homeschool day

Great food makes kids feel happy and secure. Be sure to take snack breaks and lunch breaks to enjoy each other. This is a great time to share the importance of nutrition and an opportunity for your homeschooler to unwind.

Take a half-day in your homeschool

When all else fails, end your day early. A half-day gives you time to plan for the next day and takes the stress off of getting back on track after the holiday.


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