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Beach at Sunset

New to the RV Family

The James Party of 9 are brand NEW RVers!!! We can't wait to let you in on this entire process. We love the outdoors and we have some experience in camping. We want you to join us on the outdoor RV adventures!!!

Here is the motorhome we chose! Feel free to comment or send any tips our way!!!

2021 Freelander Class C Motorhomes - Sleeps 9

The Coachmen Freelander offers you all the “Good Stuff” novice RVers quickly appreciate and experienced RVers demand.

The Freelander mantra is to provide more factory installed features than anyone else, unparalleled value and reliable design and quality at an affordable price. The Freelander Class C Motorhome will win you over with its right balance of beauty, function, and value in a quality product that has lead the industry in sales for over a decade.

We drove all the way to Jacksonville, Florida to the RV Show to pick out this motorhome! Check back to see more about the adventures of the James Party of 9 purchasing a NEW MOTORHOME!!!


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