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Take the Cash out of Christmas

I love all things blessed and beautiful during the holiday, and it all requires money. As a mom of many, I know all too well how expensive the holidays can be with gifts and more. I want to fellowship with my family without the stress of overpriced gifts, so many years ago, we created a James family Secret Santa.

The catch to our Secret Santa is that the cost of your gift can not be more than about $20. This is a fun way to force my immediate family to think about the simple things that bring joy to gift-giving. We have racked our brains with creativity and fun to get the happy faces for Secret Santa with the smallest budget.

We pack up to get away from the hustle of Christmas to spend time as a family to reflect on the beauty of the Savior and His birth. Before our gift exchange, we pray and read scriptures to remind ourselves of God’s love for us.

Simple things like mini toy cars and plastic horses bring smiles to the children’s faces. I received a precious journal book, a neck pillow, and my favorite candy that I love. It’s nice to see what is purchased during the Secret Santa because it shows how a family member can observe the little things about you and meet your needs. Some folks received new ankle socks because it’s just time to stop wasting time looking for the match to your socks!

Create some new simple traditions that infuse fun in the lives of your family members. Listen, 2020 has been tough, there is no need to add to the stress by worrying about pricey gifts. So take the cash out of Christmas and insert Christ! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!


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