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The Happy Introvert

Where do you get your energy? Well, INTROVERTS get their energy by their thoughts and ideas. They are typically drained by intense discussions. You probably are an introvert if you feel the need to “recharge” after spending time with others. Your process of recharging is spending time alone with yourself and your thoughts.

After 20 years of using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and working with many clients, I have learned that just because someone does not have something “happy” to share with you does not mean they are not happy. We all have our happy place, and introverts have their place too. The introvert's happy place is with limited relationships, cautious disclosure, and reflection. The preference of an introvert is to THINK TO SPEAK.

As an extravert mom, I am so thrilled to know this information long before God blessed me with introverted children. I did not have to spend time worrying about why my introverted kids enjoyed the quiet space of just reading a good book or spending time alone. I love my fiercely independent introvert kids who are resourceful and never follow the crowd. My introverted kids love to have the freedom to explore ideas, and they enjoy self-directed learning opportunities.

Introverts have their own list of what makes them happy. Here is a list of things on the introvert's happy list.

What an Introvert Needs to Be Happy

1. Quiet Space

2. Time to process and wind down

3. Grace to remain quiet

4. Time to think

5. Friends who respect their preferences

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