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A Laundry Strategy

What’s up with all the time we spend on laundry? Many years ago, I had this wonderful housekeeper who was an older Caribbean woman who really became a great mentor. I will never forget her response when I asked if she would add in the laundry as part of her housekeeping for me. She said, no!!!! Your laundry takes too much time. You have a big family (only had 5 kids at the time) and you need many washing machines to get your laundry completed. This is why your laundry is never done. You either need a room full of washing machines or you need to take your clothes out to a laundry mat!

The James Party of 9 takes our clothes out to the laundry mat for a two and a half-hour wash and dry every 7 to 10 days. We need approximately 10-12 washing machines and dryers. You know you have a big family when by the time we get all the clothes in the washing machine, the first washing machine is done. It is “unscripted comedy!" We save 10-15 hours per week and we only touch our laundry 3 to 4 times a month!!!

Here are the rules:

*Never go to the laundry mat on a weekend

*Always sort your clothes at home

*Enjoy a short break while the dryer is finishing

*Whoever helps with laundry gets a treat (1 kid only)

Here’s a picture from last week and we still have several days before we have to touch the laundry again. November is a three laundry day month.

More family time-saving tips coming soon!!!


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