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Winter Homeschooling: Organizing & Planning

Winter homeschooling can be challenging because it's harder to get outdoors if you are not a fan of the cold weather. We've been homeschooling for decades, but when the winter comes, I always have to change things up a bit to keep education engaging for my kids! Our winter month planning is for January, February, and March. I'll share some things we do to keep our homeschool engaging and memorable.

It's right after the holidays, so we have been on an academic break from traditional homeschooling. We've visited family, traveled, and enjoyed outings. So for us, the natural progression on our first weeks back to homeschooling is to unpack our holiday experience. Organizing and planning are essential parts of getting back on track for winter homeschooling.

All our kids use academic binders to keep their school work neat, and we never have to guess where to find our papers. It is also the perfect way to be prepared for homeschool portfolio reviews if this is a requirement for your state. Our strategy is simple; papers go in the binder or the trash. An organized plan reduces clutter and increases clarity in your homeschooling. We separate our worksheets in the binders by subject. We have a curriculum that we work on all year, but we love using a more eclectic approach during specific times of the year, like right after the holidays. As we incorporate some of these winning winter homeschooling enhancements, we put it all in the binder to keep things organized and fun.

Here are my favorite tips to winning with Winter Homeschooling as we enjoy real life and learning.

  • Winter Journals (English & Language Arts)

You can buy or create journal pages for your students. Journaling is the perfect time to work on penmanship, grammar, and creative writing skills.

  • Holiday Expenses (Math)

We love to pull out every receipt from the holidays and have the children calculate and categorize our holiday spending while planning for next year.

So continue checking back and visiting the homeschooling section of my website to see how we homeschool in the winter. We're excited about snow days, virtual meet-ups, co-op classes, science in the kitchen, family room fun, and so much more.

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Thank you for the tips much appreciated going into the winter months.


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