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You Are Not Alone

We had our last co-op virtual classes & classical tutorial this week! I’m on a break until JANUARY. We have our annual Christmas Concert coming up on Dec 2nd and it’s virtual again just like it was for our Spring Concert. Who knew that we would still be in this pandemic state?

We offer four hours of homeschool educational connections with 20 breakout rooms. Our cooperative families gather in one place to share an educational experience with homeschool kids. Homeroom moms open with 15 minutes of virtual games for each of our cooperative hours. Kids would find themselves in scavenger hunts, trivia, charades and more before classes begin. After homeroom connections, the kids are beamed out into breakout rooms in their selected classes. Options include science lab, Spanish, junior chef, theatre, art, choir, computer coding, sewing, yearbook, chess, master chef and more!!! We even had the privilege of having the Charles County 4-H Educator teach a weekly sustainability class to the homeschoolers!!!

It’s our 9th year serving in this ministry. Why do I do? It’s to send the message to homeschool families that You Are Not Alone!


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